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Bring more customers to your business

Maximizing Revenue and Security of Online Payments

Thank to our partner SecurionPay which developed one of the best FinTech APIs in the world*, we help you to convert regular payments into a competitive advantage and a powerful tool to grow your business.

Increase client satisfaction
by delivering a flawless payment experience

Deliver smooth and uninterrupted payments to your customers and get the best sales results. Use extra features to make buying as simple as one click.

Minimize chargebacks
by using non-invasive 3D secure and anti-fraud tools

Provide safe and highly secure transactions thanks to our dedicated security tools, such as smart 3D Secure, blacklisting, and machine learning.

Go beyond subscriptions
with new payment scenarios

Use various billing models to meet customers’ needs and hit the goal. You can combine subscriptions and single purchases — all to improve business success rate.

* Source: the leading payment portal “Let’t Talk Payments”.

Totally hassle-free integration in no time

The integration process is quick and simple for every developer thanks to our versatile and flexible API.

A payment gateway created for developers – by developers. Take it for a test drive now with a powerful demo account and see how easy it is to customize using our code libraries and API.

Integrate online payments using Checkout

An already-optimized shopping process. Payment flow as an overlay on your website: Well-designed, mobile friendly and ready to use. Give your customers the best experience possible.

Sell faster — Make it possible to complete a purchasing process in one minute

The entire transaction, including shipping details, is done right on the product page. Fast and simple, without redirecting to third-party sites or payment services.

Provide a seamless customer experience 

Checkout recognizes 23 languages and makes an automatic translation. Give customers a truly local shopping experience and let them pay in 160 currencies.

Connect your business and set your own scenario

Add extra features and customizations with just a few lines of code. Make the payment process truly easy and watch your cart abandonment rate fall.

Integrate card payments using Custom Form

A credit card payment form embedded into your website which is fully customizable with HTML/CSS. You can create one-page payments or use multi-step checkout page — anything to fit your website’s layout and purchasing process.

Customize the credit card payment form

Use custom HTML and CSS to create a payment form that meets your needs and fits in your website’s look and feel. Create one of a kind user experience.

Keep customers on your site during payment process

There’s no need to redirect customers to the external website to complete payments. Remove distractions from your checkout, keep customers on your site and improve both your conversion rate and user experience.

Mobile payments

Purchases in 2 minutes — or less

No matter what integration method you choose, mobile customers get a simplified payment flow they love. Let your customers pay quickly & conveniently on the fly with a payment gateway built for the responsive experience.

Works every mobile device

Well-designed payments through optimized Checkout or your Custom Form with your own HTML/CSS.

Non-invasive 3D Secure on mobile

Extra security layer for mobile payments that doesn’t kill your conversion rate.

Superior UX to make payments simple

Remove friction from the checkout process and stop redirecting customers to slow 3rd-party payments website. Ask for essentials only and let customers pay with a single tap.

Keep customers coming

People buy more when paying is quick and easy

Offering a more convenient way to pay for products has a real impact on increasing sales and improving customers loyalty.

Billing models

We support every payment scenario. Literally.

Simplify the purchasing process and improve your business success rate. Use multiple billing models at one time and grow your sales.

Solutions that fit your business model
No matter how complex your business model is, our payment gateway can handle it.

Security is our top priority
We care just as much about subscriptions as about single payments. Non-invasive 3D Secure, blacklisting, fraud scoring — all to make your transactions safe.

Authorization and capture
To prevent chargeback or free-trials offering, you can use delayed capture that lets you freeze customer’s funds on a card. Get this flexibility at no extra cost.

Recurring payments

Easy to implement, powerful to use. Recurring payments that allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments for any type of content subscription, newsletter fees, SaaS products billed periodically or recurring donations.

Minimize declines and maximize revenue
Set up logic in your account settings to automatically retry failed payments. Keep your business on the right track and make your customers stay longer with your brand.

Offer flexible, multiple plans
Create as many flexible subscription plans as you want. Offer a variety of billing cycles or pricing tiers in order to provide the best choice for your customers.

Upgrade and downgrade subscriptions
Allow your customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans, and change their billing cycles with ease. Offer subscription payments with great flexibility and customer experience.

Reach global customers

Let them pay in 160 currencies. No matter where your customers are…

We work with merchants and businesses registered in the following countries:

andorra Andorra andorra Greece andorra Netherlands
andorra Austria andorra Greenland andorra Norway
andorra Belgium andorra Hungary andorra Poland
andorra Bulgaria andorra Iceland andorra Portugal
andorra Croatia andorra Ireland andorra Romania
andorra Cyprus andorra Isle of Man andorra San Marino
andorra Czech Republic andorra Israel (Visa only) andorra Slovakia
andorra Denmark andorra Italy andorra Slovenia
andorra Estonia andorra Latvia andorra Spain
andorra Faroe Islands andorra Liechtenstein andorra Sweden
andorra Finland andorra Lithuania andorra Switzerland
andorra France andorra Luxembourg andorra United Kingdom
andorra Germany andorra Malta
andorra Gibraltar andorra Monaco

If your country is not on the list, you can still process payments with Alysium Capital by registering your company in one of the locations mentioned above.

Asset management

Founded in 2013, Alysium Capital S.A. is a portfolio management company specializing in stock-picking within the European equity investment universe.

Investment Philosophy

Having spent all our financial careers in the equity markets and being firm believers that in the long run equities deliver superior returns over other asset classes we have positioned Alysium Capital S.A. as a manager specializing in equity investment.

Our bias is towards growth investing but we do also adopt a value approach when needed as we want to capitalize on our strengths: a small structure of experienced individuals with a reactive and flexible investment process. We have witnessed time and again throughout our various experiences in several big financial group how burdensome a long heavy process can be in day to day investing. Although we do not believe in the total efficiency of financial markets we equally don’t think that exist a lot of true bargains, this is why we essentially invest in quality growth stocks, paying up for quality and reliability makes sense to us.

Our investment process is aiming at achieving performance with a framework of risk control and consistency. We are conscious that our clients are not entrusting us with their savings to accept above average risk in order to achieve performance. Risk and performance are directly correlated, the key for having a satisfied customer is to find with him the precise balance.

We adopt a concentrated portfolio because owning too many positions is a recipe for bad performance in addition we believe that avoiding losers is just as important as to find winners.

Last but not least we are more than aware that emotions do play an important role in the process of investing and trying to understand the underlying psychology helps us in avoiding many pitfalls.

Asset Allocation Process

The team looks at a number of factors that guide how your money is invested, including:

  • How European markets are doing compared to U.S. and international markets. This is important because it helps us identify and determine the most compelling investment opportunities in Europe and around the world.

  • Industry trends, competitive developments and company earnings. This helps us identify companies that are attractively valued.

  • Economic indicators like interest rates and inflation. These are important because they affect investments in all asset classes.

Equity Investment Process

We consistently follow a rigorous, three-step process when we pick stocks for our mutual funds:

1. Value – what is the stock really worth?

We look very closely at the long-term value of stocks. This tells us if certain stocks are trading at prices below what they’re actually worth. These stocks offer long-term growth potential but also offer downside protection because the market has already discounted them.

2. Quality – how solid is the company’s business?

If we think a company is undervalued, we then use fundamental analysis to understand how well the company is managed, how profitable it is and how competitive its business is. This tells us whether or not the company’s stock is a quality investment.
If a quality company’s stock is undervalued by the market, then it’s a stock that we might be interested in.

3. Building a portfolio – which stocks are right for our different client profile?

We carefully select stocks that have passed the first two steps based on how they can fit within different client profile while respecting diversification criteria.

Fixed Income Investment Process

We consistently follow a rigorous, process when we pick fixed income investments. Our investment process employs an active, multi-strategy approach, combining both top down macroeconomic analysis on interest rate and yield curve.

1. Interest Rate Anticipation:

The single most important factor affecting fixed income market is the interest rate. Our interest rate anticipation and duration strategy is supported by the vigorous research on the business cycle and the outlook for interest rates.

2. Yield Curve Management:

The change of the shape of the yield curve can be caused by either the change of the interest rate expectation or; the change of risk premium for holding certain bonds. We carefully monitor and actively manage the portfolio’s exposure to the yield curve.

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” Albert Einstein

Compounding interest requires patience and is quite the opposite of chasing speculative stocks.

At Alysium Capital S.A., it’s what we think investment is all about.


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